Top 4 Fun Activities For Your Kids This Summer

School is out!

If you are looking for ways to keep your little ones occupied this summer, you are in the right place.

Summer is the time when kids are free to explore and build lasting memories with family and friends. As parents, you want them to enjoy life and have all the fun they possibly can while being safe. What better way to help them to do that than to plan some fun ways for them to enjoy their summer days?

Whether you work from home or go out to work, it is a great idea to have some foolproof ways for your kids to have fun without being on an electronic device all day. Otherwise, they may end up getting too much screen time, which is reported to have negative effects on their mental and physical health.

To help alleviate summer boredom, we have compiled some of the best fun, summer activities for kids that don’t require you to invest a considerable amount of money.

1. Help Your Kids Enjoy Nature

Enjoying the good outdoors can be more than just going for a walk. There are other ways to take advantage of long sunny days. Let your kids explore their surroundings by doing some of the activities below.

  • Bird watching. This is a fun way to enjoy a sunny afternoon. Use a guidebook or an app to identify the birds you see. Take pictures and keep track of your sightings and let your kids point out as many birds as they can.
  • Make fairy houses. You can use popsicle sticks, pieces of wood, or any other scrap you can find around your property to make little fairy houses. How fun would it be to make a dwelling fit for Thumbelina?
  • Cloud watch. Place a blanket or sheet on the grass and have your kids identify different shapes in the clouds. This is a fun way to get your kids to use their imagination.
  • Plant a hummingbird or butterfly garden. Have space in your backyard? Plant some beautiful flowers and build a backyard bird or butterfly habitat.

2. Encourage Them To Use Their Brain

Try these activities with your kids to help make their minds engaged during the summer holidays:

  • Get a book of riddles. Compile a book of riddles and ask your kids to solve them. Make it more fun by having them ask you to solve some. To be even more creative, let them write their own riddles.
  • Have a puzzle race. Find a puzzle that your kids like and let them race to see who can finish it the fastest. This will kick their competitive spirits into gear.
  • Master a new skill together. Learn to juggle, play a new sport, or play a new instrument.
  • Write or illustrate a comic book. This can be a project for the entire summer. Start writing a book or illustrate a comic book that your kids can keep for a long time after.
  • Write in a journal each day. Encourage older teens to keep a journal. Then, at the end of the holidays, share collections with each other about the fantastic highlights of the summer.

3. Get Artsy

Doing art, like going outside, can really feel counterproductive to parents. It can be messy and often requires supervision.

However, setting up an art space with paper, glue, coloring books, scissors, colored pencils, and crayons that are readily available will encourage kids to create art as a part of their daily lives.

4. Play Water Games

If your kid loves water toys, this is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. Race with squirt guns, spray each other, and just have a blast!

See who can fill a cup or string cups from across the yard and squirt water in them along the line.

Don't forget to keep your summer activities visible.

Consider this your kids’ fun summer activity list, with some really unique ideas for easy summer fun. Write them down on a piece of paper, put it on the fridge, and get your kids excited to make memories! Believe us, your kids will LOVE you more for it!

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Share with us in the comments below how you keep your children busy during the summer.

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