The Complete Guide To Being A Fun Mom Even If You’re Stressed or Tired

The Complete Guide To Being A Fun Mom Even If You’re Stressed or Tired

Do you think you're a fun parent? Are you searching for suggestions on how to be a fun boymom or girlmom? You are in the right place. We at Boymom Designs are here to share how you can totally rock out at being a fun mom even when you are busy or tired.

It’s the simple things that can loosen us up as parents. We often get so busy with work and the mundane aspects of life that we forget that our little people want our attention and for us to have fun with them. 

Below, we share how you can up your fun factor and become the fun mom that your kids want you to be.

  • Remember your childhood experiences

One of the easiest ways to connect with your kids on their level is to remember your childhood experiences. Touch base with the little girl in you and think about what made you happy and which of those experiences you can share with your kids. 

It could be that you loved riding your bike, climbing trees, making bubbles, etc. Anything that made you happy, you can do with your children now.


The other aspect of this is to help you to be more forgiving of your children’s mistakes and silliness. So much of what they do are identical to what we did as small kids, yet as parents, we are sometimes too quick to punish their mischievousness when sometimes they are simply teasing or having fun. 

It’s good to laugh at some of the things they do and forget about the messes and mischief.

  • Try being silly

Being silly is what these little humans love. You can win the mom of the year award by simply making them laugh. Have fun cracking up with laughter at your toddler’s jokes. 

Make hilarious faces or share some amazing animated stories. Drop in a line or two about something silly happening to you and watch their faces light up. Find out what their favorite games are and give them a more animated version of them.


Be silly & have fun.

  • Tell jokes

It's so much fun hearing the jokes and watching kids laugh out loud. If you’re a great storyteller, entertain your children with a few good jokes that will leave them cracking up. 

If you’re not the most hilarious person in the world, do a quick search online and you will find age-appropriate jokes for your kids. It's fun and is also a great stress reliever. 

By doing this activity with them, your stress levels will also be reduced.

  • Imitate your kids

You have probably seen your kids doing this to each other but they will enjoy it when you imitate them even more. 

You can funnily copy them, show them how they behave when they wake up, or mimic the silly things they say during dinner time. Enjoy the giggles that come!

  • Cook with them

Hungry kids will always find their way to the kitchen while their parents are cooking food for them. Welcome your kids into the kitchen and let them help out. Not only will it be a fun bonding experience, but you will also get some help to get the food prepared.


For older kids, you can start with recipes that require easy cooking skills, like boiling an egg & then building an egg sandwich or cooking rice & building burritos.


Cooking with your kids also encourages them to eat what they prepare. It’s the best trick to try on your picky eaters.

Below are some other tips for having fun with your kids. They do not take up a lot of time and will put smiles on your faces.

  1. Sit down with your children and color in their favorite coloring books.
  2. Go for a walk and play a game of I-Spy.
  3. Arrange an impromptu party dance party in your living room.
  4. Sit down and have an engaging conversation. Make a discussion jar and once a week, pull one topic from the jar and have an open discussion.
  5. Depending on the age of your child, give them control over preparing lunch or breakfast for everyone one day. Let them choose what to serve.
  6. Look for areas within an hour's drive that will stimulate your child's interest.
  7. Visit your local library during story hour. They might include a simple craft that you and your child can create together.
  8. Have a movie theme night, including food related to the movie and dressed up as the characters.
  9. Have a lego building competition.
  10. Go on a nature hike with your child in a national forest.
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